One Piece Lastly Reveals The Reality Behind Satan Fruits

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1069 of One Piece.

The key of Satan Fruits is lastly unveiled in One Piece. Twenty-five years after their introduction within the very first chapter of the collection, Satan Fruits and their thriller are defined due to Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist who studied these enigmatic objects for many years. Apparently, Satan Fruits are a manifestation of individuals’s want for change and evolution, needs made actual by the fruits’ unbelievable talents.


Among the many many mysteries that followers of One Piece are ready to see defined within the collection, none is probably extra essential than the key of Satan Fruits. Even though they’ve been current because the very first chapter when Luffy ate the (supposed) Gomu Gomu no Mi, the origins of Satan Fruits remained a thriller. The one factor identified about them is that consuming one will give an individual unbelievable supernatural talents, categorized into three completely different lessons: Logia, Paramecia, and Zoan. Nevertheless, Devil Fruits also have some rules and limits. Most famously, Satan Fruit customers will lose the power to swim (later defined as a weak point to nonetheless water), and nobody can eat multiple Satan Fruit with out dying (besides Blackbeard, for unknown causes). There’s additionally one single Satan Fruit of every kind in existence, which can reappear within the closest regular fruit after the person’s demise.

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The long-awaited debut of Dr. Vegapunk within the manga signaled that most of the largest mysteries in One Piece would start to be unraveled. According to a Reddit thread containing spoilers of chapter #1069, whereas witnessing Luffy using his Gear Fifth transformation against Rob Lucci, Vegapunk provides the opposite Straw Hat a proof of what Satan Fruits truly are. In response to the scientist, Satan Fruits are manifestations of a desired subsequent step within the potential evolution of life. Every Satan Fruit person represents a attainable future for humanity, and the Fruits’ powers are the actualization of needs made by folks. These ‘deviations’ from the pure evolution of issues are, nevertheless, thought-about ‘unnatural’, and entice the ire of Mom Nature herself, within the type of the ocean, which rejects Satan Fruit customers.

Satan Fruits Are The Manifestation Of Humanity’s ‘Need’

Gear Fifth Luffy standing over the Gomu Gomu no Mi

Dr. Vegapunk’s rationalization truly incorporates extra questions than solutions. It is unclear how and when the ‘needs’ or ‘wishes’ of humankind have taken kind within the Satan Fruits if that may be a course of that’s nonetheless going or if it occurred previously. The latter rationalization appears extra seemingly, as Satan Fruits are in all probability linked to another big One Piece mystery, the Great Kingdom that disappeared 800 years earlier than the start of the collection. That is presumably confirmed by Vegapunk saying that Luffy, in his Gear Fifth kind, seems to be just like the Solar God Nika described within the historical texts he has studied. Followers of One Piece already knew about Nika’s reference to the mysterious previous of the world, together with the Nice Kingdom and the Void Century, however Vegapunk’s reveal provides Satan Fruits to the combo too.

This rationalization units up Satan Fruits because the illustration of the significance of ‘want’ as a key idea on the planet of One Piece, maybe in a dichotomy with ‘willpower’, represented by the other major source of abilities in the series, Haki. In response to Vegapunk, an individual who eats a Satan Fruit ‘lives a completely alien existence‘ born from the ability of creativeness, however it’s nonetheless unclear how this course of works. Maybe it has to do with the mysterious ‘inherited will’ residing inside some Satan Fruits, however every part continues to be a idea at this stage, as Vegapunk himself admits on this chapter. Which means regardless of how stunning and thrilling these revelations about Satan Fruits are, followers of One Piece can nonetheless count on much more coming sooner or later.

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The most recent chapter of One Piece is offered by Viz Media.

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