One Piece Just Broke The Most Important Devil Fruit Rule

One Piece’s Dr. Vegapunk breaks one of the most important Devil Fruit rules, allowing two people to use the same ability at the same time.

Warning: SPOILERS for One Piece chapter #1068

One Piece just broke one of the most important rules concerning Devil Fruits, which was established very early in the series. It is widely known that each Devil Fruit is unique and, as long as its user is alive, there cannot exist another with the same ability in the world. However, One Piece has now confirmed that thanks to Dr. Vegapunk’s genius, the same Devil Fruit abilities can be replicated without limit, and showed it through the powers of Bartholomew Kuma.


Despite their ubiquitous presence in the series, Devil Fruits are still one of One Piece‘s biggest mysteries. Their origins and true nature have yet to be revealed, but at least the manga has established very early on a set of rules that bind every Devil Fruit in existence. Besides the still-unexplained weakness that Devil Fruits users have to water, their most well-known property is that each Devil Fruit is unique. Once consumed, that specific Devil Fruit will not be found again anywhere, until its user dies and a new Devil Fruit of the same variety appears nearby, through a mysterious process of “possession” of a normal fruit.

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This iron-clad rule meant that the often crazy and overpowered abilities bestowed by Devil Fruits could not be replicated, but this is no longer true. Chapter #1068 of One Piece confirms that the genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, can replicate the abilities of Devil Fruit users through his cloning process. In the chapter, the former Warlord of the Seas, Bartholomew Kuma, is shown using the powers of his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi to instantly teleport away from the base of the Revolutionary Army. Earlier in the chapter, however, Kuma’s Seraphim clone created by Vegapunk also uses the same Devil Fruit ability, which confirms that the scientist has broken one of the basic rules of Devil Fruits.

Vegapunk Has Cracked The Secrets Of Devil Fruits


Previously, Vegapunk already successfully replicated a Devil Fruit using the DNA of Kaido, which resulted in a supposedly flawed artificial Devil Fruit found and eaten by Momonosuke on Punk Hazard. Perfecting his cloning and DNA experiments, Vegapunk could endlessly replicate even the most powerful and dangerous Devil Fruits abilities, such as Blackbeard’s earthquake and gravity powers. This could have limitless military applications, and make the World Government essentially unstoppable. Luckily, Vegapunk has defected and will now join the Straw Hats, bringing his secrets with him.

Devil Fruits are still one of the most intriguing elements of One Piece‘s fascinating world. Their secrets are probably connected to the mysteries hiding in the world’s past and the history of the scientifically advanced Great Kingdom that disappeared 800 years before the events in the series. Just like One Piece‘s author Eiichiro Oda promised many years ago, the debut of Dr. Vegapunk in the manga was the sign that all the mysteries of Devil Fruits will soon be unveiled.

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The latest chapter of One Piece is available through Viz Media.

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