One Piece Simply Confirmed a Huge Satan Fruit Concept

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1069 of One Piece.

One Piece has confirmed one of the necessary theories about Devil Fruits. Because of the unbelievable rationalization about Satan Fruits’ origins supplied by Dr. Vegapunk in chapter #1069, it’s now doable to assist the speculation that Satan Fruits comprise the “inherited will” of the individuals who lived within the Nice Kingdom of the previous, handed down by way of the centuries.

Followers of One Piece have been racking their brains for many years, making an attempt to grasp the key of Satan Fruits. Regardless of being an iconic characteristic of the sequence, the thriller of those objects’ origins nonetheless needs to be revealed in full. From the scraps of knowledge supplied by the manga, followers put collectively many theories. One of the vital believable ones theorizes that Satan Fruits have an “inherited will” that they go down from one consumer to a different, as confirmed by Luffy inheriting the will of the previous user of his fruit, Joyboy. This has been stated to be true solely about Zoan-types, however there’s now additional assist that connects the Satan Fruits of the current with the mysterious historical civilization of the Nice Kingdom.


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In chapter #1069 of One Piece, Dr. Vegapunk lastly defined what he believes to be the true origins of Devil Fruits. Whereas his rationalization leaves extra questions than solutions (in basic One Piece model), it’s nonetheless clear that Vegapunk believes that Satan Fruits are manifestations of a desired subsequent step within the potential evolution of life. Every Satan Fruit consumer represents a doable future for humanity, and the Fruits’ powers are the actualization of the hope and wishes of individuals. Nonetheless, an important a part of Vegapunk’s rationalization comes when the scientist says that “These with powers exist in numerous dimensions dreamed up by another person earlier than them.”

One Piece Confirms That Satan Fruits Comprise The Inherited Will From Individuals Of The Previous

Dr. Vegapunk talks about the inherited will of Devil Fruits.

Contemplating that Vegapunk’s important area of experience is the science of the Great Kingdom, his concept about Satan Fruits, whereas nonetheless obscure and enigmatic, helps the concept these objects comprise the inherited will of individuals from the traditional previous. It is nonetheless unclear what type this “will” takes, however, within the case of Zoan fruits, it’s extra evident, and it could possibly additionally “take in and management the consumer’s character“, as Vegapunk additionally explains on this chapter. These revelations, which One Piece already foreshadowed many years ago, are seemingly linked to the truth that Satan Fruits alter the DNA of their customers, as Vegapunk found by way of his analysis.

It’s solely doable, then, that Satan Fruits comprise the DNA of individuals from the Nice Kingdom, which is then transmitted to the brand new customers together with their recollections and spirit. Vegapunk says that Satan Fruits have been introduced into the world with hope, which, in accordance with him, on this case refers to a want for a future evolution of humankind. Nonetheless, it additionally signifies that the Satan Fruits themselves comprise that hope, within the type of the well-known inherited will.

Luffy fights in his Gear Fifth form against Lucci in One Piece.

Dr. Vegapunk’s words make direct reference to “another person earlier than them“, which is the very first affirmation that the distinctive nature of Satan Fruits needs to be traced again to some still-mysterious people from the previous. Whereas a large Satan Fruit concept has simply been confirmed true, there are nonetheless quite a lot of mysteries that must be unveiled in the way forward for One Piece​​​​​​.

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The most recent chapter of One Piece is obtainable from Viz Media.

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