One-Punch Man Introduces Saitama’s New, Mysterious Enemies

Warning: SPOILERS for One-Punch Man chapter #175

The One-Punch Man manga has once again shaken up its readers’ expectations, introducing a brand-new enemy for the protagonist Saitama. Tsukuyomi is the name of a mysterious association of espers (people with psychic abilities) that is now on a collision course with everyone’s favorite bald hero.

One-Punch Man‘s villains are always memorable, which is not easy, considering that the majority of them end up being beaten in an instant by the protagonist. Despite that unique premise, the manga managed to introduce many interesting villainous characters, such as the alien conqueror Boros or the Hero Hunter, Garou. All of them were also present in the original One-Punch Man webcomic, so readers knew what to expect, up to a certain point. However, the manga shakes things up by introducing a new villain group that was never even mentioned in the webcomic.


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In chapter #175 of One-Punch Man, readers learn about the fate of Psykos, the powerful esper who was the mastermind behind the Monster Association. After the epic battle that culminated in the clash between Saitama and Garou, the Hero Association captured Psykos, who is now in a containment cell in the Hero Association Headquarters Special Internment Facility. However, a mysterious man belonging to a group called Tsukuyomi bribes the executives of the Hero Association to deliver Psykos to him. Apparently, Tsukuyomi is interested in her abilities and wants to use Psykos as a test subject to advance their unspecified research.

Tsukuyomi Are One-Punch Man’s New, Dangerous Villains


Tsukuyomi never appeared in the One-Punch Man webcomic. The only possible reference is to another mysterious organization of espers, called Eleven, which the webcomic mentioned being enemies of the powerful hero Tatsumaki. It’s unclear if Tsukuyomi is the manga’s version of Eleven, but this could just be the case, as the webcomic never went past that single mention. From chapter #175 of the manga, it is clear at least that Tsukuyomi is a very dangerous group, as one of its members is capable of brushing off Psykos’ attack, before easily taking out the powerful woman, who is terrorized just by hearing the group’s name. With Saitama and Fubuki also heading for Psykos’ cell, a confrontation is very likely, and the bald hero will have a chance to test Tsukuyomi’s powers too.

The debut of Tsukuyomi is another confirmation that the One-Punch Man manga has stepped away from the webcomic‘s story. Fans of ONE’s original work, however, can rest assured, because the talented mangaka is still writing the scripts for One-Punch Man, so the story will follow his original idea and design. Seeing a new, powerful villain debut in One-Punch Man is really exciting, but it remains to be seen if Tsukuyomi will pose an actual threat to the unbeatable Saitama.

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The latest chapter of One-Punch Man is available through Viz Media.

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