One-Punch Man Proposes A New Concept For Saitama’s Power

In One-Punch Man, Fubuki makes a cryptic reference to Saitama having “ascended”, which could possibly be a brand new idea to clarify the hero’s absurd energy.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #176 of One-Punch Man

The most recent chapter of One-Punch Man drops a brand new trace for a idea that would clarify Saitama‘s unbelievable strength, which continues to be the best thriller within the collection. In response to Fubuki, the bald hero’s energy is because of a mysterious “awakening“, and the chapter makes this like greater than a easy throwaway line.

Followers of One-Punch Man will in all probability by no means be absolutely glad till they may study the key of Saitama’s unparalleled energy. Whereas this characteristic of the character is the founding of the complete story, and as such it is solely potential that it’ll by no means be absolutely defined, many theories have been developed by followers. Generally, the manga additionally dropped some obvious hints, mainly the theory proposed by Dr. Genus of the “limiter break”. The introduction of the mysterious creature referred to as “God” has additionally spawned new theories concerning his reference to Saitama. Lastly, one essential character within the collection has simply added a brand new related piece to the puzzle.


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In chapter #176 of One-Punch Man, Saitama has adopted Fubuki to the Hero Affiliation Headquarters Particular Internment Facility the place Psykos is held prisoner. Fubuki and her sister, Tatsumaki, have concocted a plan to free Psykos, who was their buddy earlier than turning to evil, to be able to hold her away from Tsukuyomi, a mysterious organization that experiments on folks with psychic powers. Fubuki has satisfied Saitama to come back alongside as additional assist as a result of she is conscious of his unimaginable energy, which she pertains to the truth that the bald hero has “ascended“. Additionally it is attention-grabbing that Fubuki has the obligation to relay this info within the manga, as her character is clearly turning into extra essential for the story.

Saitama’s “Ascension” Might Be A Model-New Concept For The Origins Of His Power

Fubuki tells Saitama that Garou has ascended.

Whereas it is not clear what Fubuki meant by that phrase, she says it in relation to Garou too, the martial artist who remodeled right into a monster and virtually worn out the Hero Affiliation (and all life on Earth). Fubuki says that Garou had reached a peak and “ascended“, and since Saitama defeated Garou (something that very few people, including Genos, are aware of), he will need to have “ascended” too. This appears like greater than a throwaway line. The phrase “ascended” is put into quotes within the manga, and used twice, which implies the authors needed to provide it explicit emphasis. Fubuki additionally makes a cryptic reference to “giving up on such issues“, which makes all the things much more mysterious.

Fubuki tells Saitama that he has ascended.

This new trace could possibly be related to the “limiter break” idea because of the point out of Garou, who was explicitly described a number of occasions as somebody who additionally broke his limiter. “Ascension”, nonetheless, is a phrase with express non secular connotations that would thus be related to God, giving extra gasoline to the speculation that Saitama’s strength could be connected to the mysterious ultimate villain of the collection. Whereas these stay mere theories for the second, it’s clear that One-Punch Man is lastly dropping extra clues concerning the origins of Saitama‘s overwhelming energy.

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The most recent chapter of One-Punch Man is out there by way of Viz Media.

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