Only One Kakegurui Game Cheat Actually Makes No Sense

Kakegurui is known for having elaborate games and even more elaborate cheats from the Student Council. However, one game’s cheat makes zero sense.

Out of all the games played in the hit gambling series Kakegurui, only one of their players’ cheats makes zero sense. Kakegurui is a series that’s built around gambling. Behind the doors of the prestigious super school Hyakkoau Private Academy, there’s a social class system based entirely on how much a student has earned that can be altered based on gambling wins and losses. Those at the very top aren’t keen on losing though and cheat throughout the series. However, one of these rule breakers attempts to cheat in the most confusing way.


In the third episode of Kakegurui‘s first season, new student Yumeko Jabami challenges the president of the Traditional Culture Research Society, Yuriko Nishinotōin, to her specialty game of Life or Death in an effort to work her way up to gamble against the Student Council President Kirari Momobami. The game consists of ten tiny metal swords that are placed into a cup, jostled around, and slammed over a numbered board with little slots under each number. The two competitors then gamble on where the swords end up and count their winnings accordingly. However, if a blade lands in one of the slots around the board, one of two things can happen. If the blade is face-up, the person who bet on that number earns thirty times what they bet. If it’s face-down though, the person who put their chips on it owes their opponent thirty times what they bet. It’s a fairly high-stakes gamble, and of course, Yuriko cheats.

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The cheat for this game revolves around Yuriko’s assistants who have metal piercings in their hands that serve as magnets. Whenever they shuffle the swords and throw the cup down, they move their hands to manipulate where the swords would land. However, Yumeko calls out that this is an ineffective cheat. Given that there’s no way to properly move the swords where they want them to land, it’s more like a nudge to hopefully land them where Yuriko wants them. There’s no guarantee that her cheat would work. This makes absolutely no sense why Yuriko would want to employ such a reckless cheat in the first place because it doesn’t guarantee anything. What’s worse though is that, given the rules of her own game, it’s amazing how she hasn’t lost more before her battle with Yumeko.

Yuriko’s Gambling Cheat Could Hurt Her More Than It Helps

Yuriko Life or Death Game

The most important rule regarding Life or Death is that there’s a possibility that a blade could land in one of the slots and shift the pot to one player or the other. While Yuriko’s cheat can nudge the swords in a certain direction, she can’t manipulate if they land in one of the slots. Even if she could, there’s no way she could determine if they’re face-up or face-down. This makes the game riskier for her because, even though she’s cheating, it could all be for nothing if she gets a sword landing in a bad spot face-down. She even experiences this fear in her game with the gambling-obsessed heroine Yumeko because she realizes that she could end up two billion Yen in debt.

All the cheats used by other characters in Kakegurui tend to have a more airtight way of guaranteeing victory as long as their opponent doesn’t notice. From disappearing marks to signify winning cards to paying off students to cheat for them, they have their reasons to be more confident. However, this Kakegurui cheat is ridiculously unreliable and makes absolutely no sense because if Yuriko ended up having her attempts backfire, it would make the audience question why she even tried to cheat in the first place.

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