Pakistani Actress Bushra Ansari Shamed for showing too much at this age. Users call her ‘Budhi Ghodi Lal Lagaam’

Pakistani Actress: The recently hosted Hum Awards in Canada turned out to be a star-studded event. In this event the Pakistani entertainment industry came together to celebrate the success of their industry and acknowledge the best performances. While the night was filled with glamour and some great acts, but all some people could notice was Pakistani Actress Bushra Ansari’s Outfit. Not just that, they further trolled her for showing off her midriff.

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Pakistani Actress Bushra Ansari Age shamed

This is not the first time when a female actress has been shamed by netizens for showing too much skin.
But what made things worse was when bushra Ansari was age shamed as well as slut shamed by the people of Pakistan. Netizens didn’t like the fact that she was wearing a western outfit (in Particular a “Revealing” outfit at the event)
While she was wearing a beautiful grey coloured outfit, in particular a palazzo, crop top and a long jacket on top, which did not go down well with a lot of individuals.

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Netizens React

While some netizens expressed their concern over her outfit and commented on how fashion should be age appropriate.
While others called her a ‘cartoon’ and used phrases like ‘Budhi Ghodi Lal Lagaam’ and her one leg is in the grave but still she opts to dress up like that.
Some even called her ‘Vulgar’.

Questioning someone’s fashion choices and getting that age factor into it, is it really justified?
Well, most people are too busy focusing on people’s attire and not their talent.

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