Pokémon’s Anime Already Proved The way it Can Survive With out Ash

With followers questioning what is going to turn out to be of Ash following his World Coronation Sequence victory, Pokémon has carried out simply positive with out Ash earlier than.

The Pokémon anime lately broke new floor by permitting its protagonist to lastly obtain his dream, as Ash won the World Coronation Series tournament after 25 seasons of the present and over 1,200 episodes. Whereas followers have been speculating whether or not this implies Ash will lastly be allowed to retire and make room for a brand new hero, many do not notice that the sequence has really centered on another person earlier than, and he even appeared in that event.

In the course of the sixth era of Pokémon, after the discharge of X and Y, the Pokémon anime started to make some huge adjustments. After the lackluster reception to the Black and White seasons, which tried a delicate reboot by rebranding Group Rocket and at last writing out Brock of the sequence, it was time to strive one thing new. The Pokémon XY anime and its follow-up XYZ shifted genres a bit to turn out to be extra like a standard shonen battle sequence, focusing extra closely on Ash’s health club fights. It additionally introduced the prospect of romance again to the present with Serena, and was even allowed to create its personal exclusive form (known as “Bond Evolution”) for Ash’s Greninja, the appropriately named Ash-Greninja. However throughout this time, the Pokémon anime additionally determined to strive one thing else altogether by following a brand-new protagonist.


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A miniseries of 4 episodes, often known as the “Mega Evolution Specials,” adopted Alain, a coach from Kalos as he explores the world and searches for Mega Stones, the gadgets which permit Pokémon to Mega Evolve when used together with a Key Stone. Alain turned out to be affiliated with the villain Lysandre by way of his lab firm, though like everybody else, Alain did not actually know what Lysandre was as much as. After these 4 particular episodes, Alain started to appear in the main Pokémon XYZ series, and finally bumped into Ash. Alain was intrigued by Ash’s Greninja and challenged him to a battle together with his Mega Charizard X. Alain was finally the one to defeat Ash within the closing event, claiming the title of Kalos Champion for himself, however when Lysandre revealed his evil intentions, Ash and Alain teamed as much as cease him.

The Mega Evolution Specials Met Followers’ Wishes


A standard chorus from Pokémon followers is that the sequence ought to be allowed to mature a bit for an older viewers, and Alain’s Mega Evolution Specials appear to have been a testing floor for that concept. Except for one-off specials that adopted recurring characters from the anime like Brock, the Mega Evolution Specials have been the primary time somebody moreover Ash was allowed to be the primary protagonist. Whereas there was some debate about continuity initially, bringing Alain into the primary XYZ sequence proved that the specials have been set in the identical universe as the primary sequence, and occasions from these specials continued to form the plot lengthy after they aired. The specials have been fairly nicely obtained by the fandom, and lots of have been excited to see Alain proceed on into the anime correct. In different phrases, followers took to a new protagonist aside from Ash fairly simply.

Whereas the executives have assured followers that the World Coronation Sequence will not be the final we see of Ash, Pokémon has already confirmed that it will possibly survive with a brand new hero, ought to the time come for Ash to maneuver away right into a extra supportive position.

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