Sanjay Gagnani’s Marvellous Delhi Expedition Got Him Talking About the City, See pics here

Sanjay in Delhi: Delhi is a splendid city with Mughal forts, monuments, and mausoleums imbibed with vast and rich cultural heritage and history. However, it so happens that most visitors often overlook India’s capital on their quest to visit Taj Mahal first. But that is not what the prolific actor Sanjay Gagnani had in his mind.

He recently visited Delhi and ensured to explore the very corners of it. And as it happened, we got to interact and ask him about it. It was a pleasant time for us as we were made quite comfortable while the actor shared about his experience in Delhi.

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Sanjay talked about Delhi

The actor said, “Delhi has always been fun. But this time it was so much more. As I went around my ways in Delhi I was completely surprised by how much this place has to offer and how little most of us know about it. I mean we hear all these things about Delhi such as how the people are the heart here and string our own fantasies around it. And in this visit I realised, it was true all this time and no fantasies are needed to be woven around it. Delhi people are its heart and their hospitality is second to none.”

He further added happily, “Besides the food is always yummylicious and the nightlife here completely rocks. And Delhi people have their own style when it comes to fashion and let me tell you their fashion sense is always on point. In fact, I do try to pick those style statements from them time to time. Overall, the people are warm and welcoming and the spirit of Delhi is always to work hard and party harder. However, I have to be a little exclusive while sharing about my best experience in this city.” He takes a moment and continues, “It is always Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. The place always brings me peace when I am looking for some. It has become a must visit place for me anytime I visit Delhi.”

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