Sasural Simar Ka 2 Actor Gets Married For The Second Time And Shares A Photo With His Wife

Rajev Paul: A TV actor, showed that there is no right age to find your happily ever after. The actor, who had been married to Delnaaz Irani before, took a chance and got married again. Rajev likes to keep his personal life private. He doesn’t usually post about his daily life on Instagram. But he made sure to tell his fans that he was getting married again.

For those who don’t know, Rajev and Delnaaz separated after 14 years of marriage. The former couple broke up in 2010 and divorced in 2012. Delnaaz said that the cheating was the reason why they couldn’t stay together. But after a lot of back-and-forth, both of them are happy with their lives.

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Rajiv Posted the Picture on His Instagram account

On October 14, 2022, Rajev posted the first picture from his small wedding to his Instagram account. The actor didn’t say anything about who his bride was. In fact, he posted a picture of his bride that only showed her back and not her face. But it looked like a beautiful wedding, and Rajev seemed happy to be the groom. Along with it, Rajev made a joke that he had taken all the vows again. He typed: “Someone once said, “Once bitten, twice shy.” But still.. It could work, Once more, all the vows, all the ceremonies… Itne saare log shaadi kar rahe hai Koi Karwa Chauth mana raha hai… Well, now is the time. Everyone should be happy.”

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Delnaaz Irani, on the other hand, has a live-in relationship with DJ Percy. On her 50th birthday, he asked her to marry him. The cute couple’s love story has a twist, though. Percy didn’t ask for her hand in marriage. Instead, he made a promise to grow old with her.

Front His Work Front

Rajev and Delnaaz were on the popular reality show Bigg Boss 6. The two people who used to be together met on the set of the famous serial Parivaratan in 1993. After going out together for a few years, they got married in 1998.

Rajeev is currently working on the TV show Sasural Simar Ka 2.

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