Say What? Shalin Bhanot just Proposed Tina Datta on National Television! Details Inside

Bigg Boss 16: Love stories are being made in Bigg Boss 16. Shaleen and Tina’s love story seems to be forming in the beginning. But recently, during a task, distance was seen between Tina and Shaleen. There was a fight between both the contestants and after that there was a rift between Tina and Shaleen. But this happened in the new episode of Bigg Boss, which clearly shows that the closeness between Shaleen and Tina is increasing again.

Things got really bad between Tina and Shaleen. But after that, the closeness between them has been seen again. Bigg Boss called Tina to the confession room and told that her pet’s health has become very critical, after which Tina shares this with Shaleen and Shaleen takes care of Tina. However, while talking to Tina, Shaleen also cleared the old things. Shalin said that, “I am not that type of person who believes in back bitching.

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I destroy the people I hate and I just confront people whom I love.” Tina said that “You don’t love anyone here.” Shalin said, “How do you know, Have you asked me yet. I do love some people. Do you love me?” Tina said, “You haven’t asked me yet.” Shalin gave his ring to Tina. Shalin held her hand and make her sit next to him. While hugging her Shalin proposed Tina, “Do you like me?”However, Tina hasn’t said anything to that but it was seen that they are in love with each other.

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