Shonen Jump Recreates an Iconic One Piece Moment in Glorious New Series

The relatively new Shonen Jump series Ginka & Gluna is recreating one of One Piece’s most iconic Luffy moments with its own characters.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Ginka & Glüna Chapter 12!

Ginka & Glüna is a new Shonen Jump series that has been brilliantly following in One Piece‘s footsteps so far, but its latest chapter took this a step further by replicating one of that manga’s best and most iconic moments. Eiichiro Oda’s masterwork has had many powerful scenes, but one of its most satisfying is when Luffy punches a celestial dragon. While Ginka & Glüna don’t copy this scene exactly, the manga captures the spirit of this moment very well.


Ginka & Glüna is a manga by Shinpei Watanabe following a young magician named Glüna and her living snowman companion-cum-mentor Ginka. Their main goal has been to track down other versions of Ginka to hopefully reunite them and turn him back into a human. Along the way, they have slowly acquired allies to help them, much like Luffy acquired his Straw Hat crew. Their two companions, Beretta and Anemone aren’t very strong, but they do share Ginka and Glüna’s ideals. In order to accomplish their goal, they have recently traveled to a magical guild to find the knowledge they need. But since the guild contains some of Ginka’s enemies, they must pretend to not be able to use magic while in the guild so as not to attract attention. But given how similar Glüna is to Luffy, this is quite a difficult task.

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In chapter 12, Glüna, Ginka, and their companions encounter a group of magicians in the guild picking on a child who can’t use magic. They ridicule them for being worthless and even cause them to trip and injure themself. Their behavior is the opposite of what Glüna’s party believes a magician should be, so Beretta and Anemone try to help the child and criticize the bullies while maintaining their cover. But when this draws the ire of one of the magicians, Glüna confronts him directly, calling him not a real magician and preventing him from tossing the child’s books out the window. In addition, Ginka casts a minor spell causing the magician to lose his wand. All of this risks blowing their cover and drawing the ire of the entire magical guild, but they all do it anyway because it is the right thing to do.

Like Luffy, Ginka & Glüna‘s Characters Will Stand Up For The Weak

Gluna stands up to a mean magician

This is incredibly similar to when Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon in Sabaody. Luffy didn’t care about the consequences of his actions and the danger it would put him in. He did it because he can’t stand by and allow injustice to occur. While Glüna and company’s actions weren’t nearly as dramatic as Luffy’s punch, they were just as satisfying, and could potentially have similarly dire consequences. Also, seeing all the main characters standing up against the magician together made their defiance all the more satisfying. While the Straw Hats all supported Luffy after his punch, it was still mainly only his moment of greatness. But in Ginka & Glüna, all the characters get to share in this moment of glory.

At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that a creepy looking magician has noticed that Ginka cast a spell, meaning that their defiance probably has blown their cover. But just like Luffy, the characters in Ginka & Glüna know that standing up for what’s right is more important than any personal goals. It is yet another reason why One Piece fans should check out Ginka & Glüna, as it shares many of the elements that makes that series great.

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Ginka & Glüna Chapter 12 is availble from Viz Media.

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