Sreejita De goes personal, Calls Gori Nagori Illiterate; Details here

Bigg Boss 16: The new season of Bigg Boss has started. In this new season, new characters of family members are being seen. If you are feeling that there is any right member in the house then it is your illusion. Every contestant is becoming a fighter in the Bigg Boss 16 house but the issues of these fights are childish every time. Now, a new fight has been seen in the house of Bigg Boss 16. Between Sreejita Das and Gori Nagori.

Gori Nagori was wiping her hands with clothes hanging in the kitchen. After which, Sreejita and Sumbul also forbade her that they are still cooking, so don’t wipe hands here. But Gori does not listen to them and goes away after wiping their hands. After that, Sumbul and Gori Nagori have an argument, meanwhile Gori Nagori teases them by making abusive signs, which makes Sreejita, Tina and Sumbul angry and Sreejita starts talking personal about Gori.

Sreejita calls Gori “standard less”

Sreejita starts saying this, “Everything is visible where you are from. We should not talk to these people. It has a lot of effect on where you live and where you come from. It is the same with her as well. These people don’t deserve to be talked to because she is gawaar (Illiterate).” Sreejita also calls Gori “standard less.” Gori gets very angry on this and both of them get into an argument. However, Sreejita tells her over and over again, “Talk with my hand”.

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In the fight between these two, every member of the house got involved, after which MC Stan spoke about the group and everyone got angry on him. The new captain of the house, Gautam, decided that from now on, only after all the food is prepared, the family members will be called to eat so that no one roams in the kitchen.

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