Sreejita De says she knows Tina Dutta’s true colours

Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De becomes the first contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 16 on Saturday. After her eviction, Sreejita De openly talked against Tina Datta. Salman Khan announced Sreejita’s eviction in Shanivaar ka Vaar.

Srijita’s fans are quite upset with her eviction as she had made a good mark in the show during her short stay. From her fight with Manya Singh to her equation with Tina Datta, fans were loving Sreejita De’s performance.

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Real colours

Talking openly about Tina, Sreejita said, “I have known her for many years so I know her real colours very well. I didn’t have a very pleasant experience with her in the past because she is a very insecure person. She’s always poking people.”

Sreejita’s friendship with Tina in the house. Even while entering the house, it was shown that the two are good friends. However, in the house, we didn’t get to see any equation between them.

It is very clear that Srijita does not like the Uttaran girl.

Sreejita thanked her fans for their support. Check out below:

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Ugly game

Talking about her equation with Tina, Sreejita told mediapersons : “I have known her for 10 years and I already have an idea about her. What I didn’t know was that she is playing the same ugly game that she played with me in the show ‘Uttaran’. She is playing the same ugly game inside the house.”

“Now that I am out I am getting to know a lot of things like she is constantly backstabbing me or talking ugly or bad about me which is not even required and she was also trying to manipulate people who were getting closer to me because she was trying to corner me or isolate me and on the other hand she came to me in three different occasions and told me to play together because if we play together we would look stronger.”

There are also reports that Srijita make make a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house again.

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