Stone Ocean Proves Who The Greatest Stand Person Actually Is

The Stand customers in JoJo’s Weird Journey all range by way of energy, however the newest half, Stone Ocean, might need revealed who’s probably the most highly effective.

Warning: Accommodates spoilers for JoJo’s Weird Journey: Stone Ocean.JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean has lastly come to a detailed, and in its ending it proved who the very best Stand consumer within the sequence actually is. Within the last phases of Stone Ocean, Pucci evolves his Stand a second time into Made In Heaven, giving him the facility to speed up time. Individuals all around the globe shortly fall right into a panic from every thing round them accelerating past their management, and regardless of their greatest efforts, even Jolyne and her allies finally fall to the facility of Made In Heaven.


Amidst all of the drama of Made In Heaven, JoJo’s Weird Journey: Stone Ocean in a short time proved who the very best Stand consumer within the sequence is: Diamond is Unbreakable‘s Rohan Kishibe. A fast joke within the last arc revealed that Rohan had no bother conserving to his deadlines whereas one other mangaka discovered it not possible, that means that Rohan was the one individual on this planet in a position to hold tempo with Made In Heaven. Different JoJo tales had already established Rohan as being a robust Stand consumer, however this takes issues even additional, and it invitations the query of what may have occurred if Rohan had had an element to play in Stone Ocean.

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Rohan Has All the time Been One Of the Greatest Stand Customers


Whereas JoJo’s Weird Journey: Stone Ocean is probably the most definitive assertion about Rohan’s talents, he had already been established as the most effective Stand customers for years. All the best way again in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Heaven’s Door was one of the vital highly effective Stands for the way it allowed him to basically do something he needed, even when it was one thing bodily not possible. Diamond is Unbreakable and the assorted spinoff tales Rohan appeared in at all times had him use his Stand to get out of seemingly not possible conditions, so Stone Ocean making him out to be the very best Stand consumer is hardly a stretch of the creativeness.

May Rohan Have Helped Defeat Pucci?

Pucci with Made In Heaven

With Rohan being as highly effective of a Stand consumer as he’s, that begs the query of whether or not he may have overwhelmed Pucci if he was in JoJo’s Weird Journey: Stone Ocean. As beforehand mentioned, due to Made In Heaven accelerating time all around the globe, Stone Ocean‘s Jolyne Cujoh and her allies weren’t in a position to sustain with Pucci and had been quickly defeated. Nevertheless, with Rohan being expert sufficient to maintain tempo with the acceleration of time, he may have completed a greater job of monitoring Pucci and finally subdue him with Heaven’s Door.

That being stated, it doubtless wouldn’t be so simple as that. Rohan can solely use Heaven’s Door from a brief distance, so if Pucci attacked him from a distance, as he did with the knives he used towards Jolyne, or if he was merely in a position to outmaneuver Rohan, then Rohan wouldn’t be capable of do something to him. On the finish of the day, there’s no manner of realizing what Rohan may have contributed to Netflix’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, however the truth that the sequence even invited hypothesis with what it established about his talents continues to be noteworthy, regardless.

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