Sumbul Touqeer lost her Cool, Misunderstands Salman khan’s Advice! Read for details

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss 16, episode aired on the weekend on Saturday, Salman Khan played the task of ‘Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed’ in ‘Shaniwar Ka Vaar’. Earlier Salman Khan talked about the last episode because in the last episode Sumbul’s father had come and he gave a lot of advice to his daughter Sumbul. Today, taking the same point forward, Salman Khan advised Sumbul that it is very common to be sad at her age. But Sumbul gave a different reaction after hearing this.

Sumbul says “I don’t understand anything”

Taking forward the advice of Sumbul’s father, Salman Khan advises Sumbul if she has any problem in the house. So, members older than her are present in the house of Bigg Boss, she can take advice from him. Salman told Sumbul that she has handled the house even in lockdown, so how did it become difficult for her. After this, Sumbul replied saying, “I have handled the house even in lockdown but even then I had to bear a lot of troubles. And even now the same thing is happening, it is getting very difficult in this house. Because I used to handle my sister and the house but now there are so many people with me that’s why there is trouble. I don’t know, I don’t understand anything.”

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However, Salman Khan advised Sumbul to move on. Right now her age is very young, when she grows up, then these things will be funny to her, so go ahead because this age is full of thoughts and it’s common if you’re having negative thoughts. Sumbul also smiled at the end.

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