Sumbul voted as the least active contestant, Shalin starts supporting her. Details Inside

Bigg Boss 16 has started with a bang on October 1 and the contestants were seen playing their game in the season. This new season has witnessed many new things. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, Archana Gautam and Gori Nagori got into a major fight. The video shows that how big and massive fight has been erupted between Archana and Gori on Tuesday. Their fight was started on Avacado, when Gori put the blame of throwing Avacado on Archana. After that, both of the contestants got into a massive fight, where Archana fight with one finger touches Gori and she screams. Archana says that, “Why are you barking?” Gori answers, “I will bark.”

Archana swears on her mother that she did not throw avocado. Along with the other housemates, Priyanka was came and intervened between the fight of Archana and Gori and tells Gori to not blame her. Soon, the two start throwing water at each other. Between the fight of them Priyanka gets hurt and say to Gori that, “Mere se pange mat le.”

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Later the Bigg Boss asks the contestants to name two people, whose contribution to the game has been the least. Most of them take names of Manya Singh and Sumbul Touqeer. Shalin and Tina also take Sumbul’s name and Shalin later feel very bad about it but Tina tells him that he should not blame himself for Sumbul’s fate in the house.  Shalin give explanation to Sumbul, “It will be the worst day for me when you go out of this house. I don’t care what others say but I want to stand with you now.”

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