Super Hero’s Way Around Goku & Vegeta is Just Lazy

Dragon Ball Super: Broly really ruined Dragon Ball: Super Hero for fans because they now expect a lot more from anything Dragon Ball related.

Warning: SPOILERS for Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroThe ineffective explanation as to why Goku and Vegeta can’t help Piccolo and Gohan defeat Dr. Hedo’s new creations is ultimately a lazy excuse, even though their absence is critical to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero‘s story.

While Dragon Ball has never really been known for serving profound statements and intricate plot lines, there comes a time when fans desire something more than just over-the-top action and general silliness. However, fans have come to expect more from the series after the utter masterpiece that’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Everyone going into Super Hero, therefore, had very high expectations. But that just meant that there was more room for them to fall.


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For the most part, Super Hero was a solid effort that followed in Broly‘s footsteps except for a few questionable scenes, one of the most egregious of them being when Bulma tries to call Whis on Beerus’ planet to bring Goku and Vegeta back to Earth so they can help Piccolo fight Dr. Hedo’s new Red Ribbon Army. But her call doesn’t get through. While an intriguing problem, the reason why her attempt failed to reach Whis is utterly ridiculous: Whis doesn’t notice the call because an ice cream tub flies onto the top of his staff.

How Else Super Hero Could Have Kept Goku & Vegeta Out

ice cream tube on Whis' staff in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

On the surface, the only real grievance about this weak moment is that this “development” presents many plot holes. Why didn’t Bulma just continue calling? Couldn’t Whis’ staff act more like a phone and take messages or alert Whis that he missed a call? While all legitimate questions, the real problem is the many other reasons the film’s creators could have used besides Whis just not seeing his phone ring. For example, something involving Goku and Vegeta’s sparring match that’s transpiring when Bulma tries reaching Whis could have affected the transmission of her call. This possibility is intriguing because it would have added another layer to Goku and Vegeta’s power that impacted how their new abilities impact the surrounding universe. Or maybe Dr. Hedo’s efforts to create his androids could have created a unique energy that somehow interfered with both Bulma and Whis’ connection? Regardless of the solution, the fact that they failed to connect was a monumental development that shaped the entire course of the film, which naturally demanded that the reason why they failed should have been equally immense or meaningful.

Moreover, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero features yet another ridiculously silly moment to explain away another major plot hole. Super Hero ruined an epic DBZ moment when Piccolo uses the Dragon Balls to get more powerful… despite being able to just wish Goku and Vegeta back to Earth. And the reason the film’s creators came up with is just as ludicrous as Whis not picking up his phone because of a flying ice cream tub: he just didn’t think of it. While Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero contains some incredible moments, this coupled with Goku and Vegeta’s excuse for not showing up proves the movie could have used a little more time and thought.

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