The New Straw Hat Has The Craziest Dream Of All

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1068 of One Piece

The most recent addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, Dr. Vegapunk, has the craziest dream ever heard in One Piece: giving all of the world clear, limitless, free vitality. Whereas this sounds ludicrous, Vegapunk’s aspiration really ties collectively lots of the greatest mysteries of the collection.

In One Piece, all of the Straw Hat Pirates are motivated by one, massive dream, awaiting on the finish of their journey. The captain famously desires to turn out to be the Pirate King, however the manga just lately revealed that Luffy’s actual dream is entirely different, and it nonetheless must be revealed. Zoro desires to turn out to be the best swordsman on the planet, to satisfy a promise made to his childhood pal, Kuina. Sanji desires to seek out the legendary All Blue sea, Usopp desires to be acknowledged as a courageous warrior of the seas, Nami desires to make a map of the whole world, and each different member additionally has a singular objective that motivates them. Nonetheless, none of those is as big and impactful as Dr. Vegapunk’s dream.


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After arriving at Egghead Island, the Straw Hats finally met the legendary Dr. Vegapunk, the best scientist on the planet. Surprisingly, regardless of working for the World Authorities for many years, Vegapunk is now on the blacklist of the tyrannical group, which has dispatched the assassins of CP0 to eliminate him. In chapter #1068 of One Piece, Vegapunk formally asks Luffy to take him on board the Thousand Sunny and explains that the federal government is after him as a result of his analysis into vitality sources might unearht the truth about the Great Kingdom and the Void Century. Vegapunk’s final objective is to provide the world free, limitless vitality in order that conflicts over restricted sources will lastly finish and humanity can be free to advance and evolve.

Dr. Vegapunk’s Dream Can Change The Whole One Piece World

Dr. Vegapunk explains his dream to Luffy and the Straw Hats in One Piece.

The massive challenge, nonetheless, is that Vegapunk’s dream led him to dig deep into the previous of the One Piece world, extra particularly into the historical past of the Nice Kingdom, a complicated civilization that possessed an ‘historical vitality’ used to energy its wondrous machines, including a giant robot. Researching the Nice Kingdom is forbidden by the World Authorities, and this may increasingly must do precisely with this mysterious vitality supply. What’s much more attention-grabbing is that judging from Vegapunk’s description of his limitless vitality supply, he’s really speaking about photo voltaic vitality, or one thing associated to the Solar. Followers of One Piece know that the collection is stuffed with Solar symbolism, together with the mysterious Sun God, Nika, who’s related to 2 elementary characters within the collection: Pleasure Boy, who lived through the Nice Kingdom’s time, and Luffy himself.

It is clear that Dr. Vegapunk’s dream has a completely totally different which means in contrast with these of the opposite Straw Hats. For Luffy and his 9 pals, goals and targets are what motivated them to embark on an enormous, life-changing journey. In Vegapunk‘s case, his imaginative and prescient will change the whole world, and it’ll additionally serve to attach and clarify lots of the mysteries that make One Piece so intriguing.

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The most recent chapter of One Piece is on the market by Viz Media.

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