Urfi Javed: For the very first time Urfi wears NOTHING! Just holds a transparent glass, Watch Pics

Urfi Javed: just when we think that there is no scope for more experimentation when it comes to Urfi’s Outfit, she manages to prove us wrong and amazes the users with her out-of-the-box ideas and unthinkable creations. This time as well, Urfi created something unexpected. But now, she did not experiment with her clothes as she decided to go all Naked and held a big glass in front of her, which had yellow paint on top of it.

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Watch Urfi Javed’s Latest Photos

Urfi Javed Latest Photo

Urfi captioned her latest post as “Mujhe Nahi Pata hai !! Mujhse Mat Poocho na!
Meanwhile in the latest post, Urfi went all naked and held a transparent glass in front of her. She further covered the top part of the glass, as well as the bottom with yellow paint, intelligently covering her top and bottom area. She further did nude makeup (All done by her, as mentioned in the post) and flaunted a high Bun!

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Users React!

While some users really liked this idea and commented, “bro this is genius and took me like 10 seconds to realise what’s up! And others called her an ultimate Diva. And appreciated her idea as well.

While Like always some bashed her and said, “yeh bhi mat Pehno”. And others said, “Yellow, Yellow, dirty fellow”.

Meanwhile others asked, ‘ Neech Kya Pehena hai?” and others advised her to join the adult film industry. But then like always, these comments do not seem to bother her much. As she continues to create something Unusual!

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