Who’re the Visored? Bleach’s Most Mysterious Group Defined

Probably the most enigmatic teams with plot relevance in Bleach is the Visored, who first seem after the conclusion of the Soul Society arc and earlier than the Hueco Mundo arc begins in earnest. So, who’re the Visored, and why are they essential?

Ichigo first encounters the Visored in Karakura City, recognizing one other man with a Zanpakuto (the Soul Reaper’s spirit weapon) and a Hole mask–interesting to Ichigo since he thought he was the one one. This man, Shinji Hirako, introduces him to the remainder of his group, who name themselves the Visored. They disclose to Ichigo that they had been as soon as Soul Reapers themselves, however after an incident a century in the past prompted them to endure a “Hollowification” course of, they had been chased out of the Soul Society. Because of this, the Visored had been pressured to band collectively and discover ways to grasp their Hole powers on their own–making them good for educating Ichigo the way to management his personal interior Hole.


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The reality in regards to the incident that prompted the Visored was finally revealed to have been big Bleach villain Sosuke Aizen’s fault. 100 years previous to the beginning of Bleach, Shinji was captain and Aizen was lieutenant of Squad 5, and Kisuke Urahara was captain of squad 12, the analysis squad. A collection of disappearances of souls within the outer elements of the Soul Society result in an investigation by the Soul Reapers, however then Soul Reapers start to vanish as properly. A gaggle made up of captains and lieutenants, together with Shinji, are despatched to deal with the issue, and are horrified to find the lacking Soul Reapers at the moment are Hollows. Quickly, the brand new arrivals start turning into Hollows as properly, and Aizen, Gin, and Tosen are revealed to have been behind this. Aizen additionally manages to border Urahara for the incident, forcing him to flee the Soul Society alongside the Hollowified Soul Reapers. All of this was a check of the Hogyoku, a robust gadget that will be key to Aizen’s eventual betrayal.

The Visored Embrace A few of Bleach’s Strongest Fighters


Due to the distinctive circumstances round their creation, there are solely eight Visored (9, if one counts Ichigo), all of whom had been previously Soul Reaper Captains or lieutenants in Bleach. Shinji Hirako is the chief of the group, has a Zanpakuto which may create illusions, and is a grasp of the Flash Step method. The following most outstanding is Hiyori Sarugaki, who was as soon as Urahara’s lieutenant and has a really harsh persona. After Aizen and the Arrancar have been handled and the reality of what occurred got here out, The Soul Society apologized to the Visored and invited a lot of them again. In consequence, by the point of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Shinji is as soon as once more captain of squad 5, Rose Otoribashi is the captain of squad 3, Lisa Yadomaru is the captain of squad 8, and Kensei Muguruma is the captain of squad 9, with Mashiro Kuna as a co-lieutenant alongside bizarre Soul Reaper Shuhei Hisagi. The remaining three Visored (Hiyori, Love, and Hachi) resolve to remain in Karakura City, however proceed to help the Soul Reapers when main incidents happen.

Regardless of their small numbers, the Visored are among the many most essential teams in Bleach merely due to how integral they’re to the plot. Followers needs to be accustomed to the Visored if solely due to their continued presence from the time of their first look.

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