Who’re Xcution? Bleach’s Fullbringers Defined

The group generally known as Xcution in Bleach all wield a singular and mysterious energy, however simply who’re they, what are Fullbringers and why are they necessary?

The final arc to be animated for the Bleach anime earlier than it initially ended was the Fullbringer arc, a manga canon storyline that’s about as unpopular as a number of the anime’s filler. However that does not imply that the Fullbringer arc (Bleach’s version of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) was with out impacts on the continued story, and one of many ways in which manifested was by introducing Xcution.

The group generally known as Xcution are a secret society of people who can use a particular energy generally known as Fullbring. Fullbringers are mentioned to be spiritually conscious people who got here into contact with one of Bleach’s Hollows earlier than being born. The facility is thus much like that of Hollows, however the way in which that it really works is definitely fairly totally different. A Fullbringer’s particular potential is to speak with the souls of objects, which permits them to control the world round them. As a result of a Fullbringer is by definition a dwelling human, they do have bodily our bodies which they need to consider, though the ability does enable them to see spirit beings like Hollows and Soul Reapers. As a result of convincing the souls of objects could be tough, most Fullbringers in Xcution have a specific merchandise that acts as a spotlight for his or her talents, in addition to their main weapon. Fullbringers are extraordinarily uncommon because of the complicated set of circumstances that have to come up to ensure that one to be created.


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Xcution is the one group of Fullbringers seen in Bleach, though not all Fullbringers within the sequence are a member. Like another teams in Bleach, the Fullbringers of Xcution noticed persecution because of their supernatural talents and got here collectively to assist each other, at the very least initially. Over time, Xcution grew to become extra radical, taking a discriminatory stance towards the abnormal people who’d rejected them. Becoming a member of Xcution is tough, even for Fullbringers, as they attempt to preserve their members and base as secret as potential. Ichigo is ultimately introduced into their group, though solely as a part of an elaborate plan to steal his Soul Reaper powers. By the end of Bleach’s Fullbringer arc, the leaders of Xcution are lifeless, however most members stay on, and a few proceed to seem.

Chad is Additionally a Fullbringer in Bleach


Xcution is led by Kugo Ginjo, a former substitute Soul Reaper similar to Ichigo. Supplementing Fullbring powers with these of a Soul Reaper can create a big increase in energy, so Ginjo hoped to steal Ichigo’s energy, and arrange a scheme to win his belief. His energy is called Cross of Scaffold, and he can use it to create an enormous sword out of his pendant. One other is Shukuro Tsukushima, a Fullbringer who performed a essential half within the plan by pretending to betray Xcution and setting the stage for Ichigo’s involvement. Probably the most noteworthy Fullbringer outdoors of Xcution is Yasutora Sado (Chad within the dub), who needed to grasp his powers on his personal, which manifest on his arms.

The Fullbringer arc will not be standard, however Fullbringer ideas and characters do proceed to point out up within the manga afterward, and Xcution characters will appear in Bleach‘s The Thousand-Year Blood War, so it’s one thing followers have to find out about to know the sequence transferring ahead. Fullbringers are positively distinctive among the many varied teams in Bleach, so it is a disgrace the arc is poorly regarded.

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